April 27, 2008

hold me closer, tiny dancer.

behold mary-kate olsen, in all her splendor.

yeah, it's safe to say that my dormant obsession for the her has resurfaced.


emilyellen said...

oh i love her a little too much. deeply rooted to the detective agency. also that picture of her and irina is like a dream team.

Fleurr De Lux said...

Oooh MK, MK, MK how I love thee!
Although, one of my favourite outfits of all those photos is the first picture of the twins where Ashley is wearing the orange dress & blue scarf. DIVINE!
My Olsen obsession has reached an all-time high.

dreamecho said...

nice photo round up :)

roxanne said...

awesome photo set.

and oddly enough, i was just having trouble finding decent MK pics for a collage..

note to self: visit your blog first and often from now on.

Jimena said...

I've got to say... I love her when she's smiling the best.

Dollfaced Rebel said...

I loove you for this post.

Imelda Matt said...

OMG...that's a lot of 'crack-baby' you've got going on in this post! But I love the the title of your post...It's had me rolling on the floor with tears!

Lia said...

she was always my favorite twin!