April 22, 2008

memories of me will seem more like bad dreams.

american apparel forest vest, seven year old dress, vintage belt, h&m sunnies.


theodora richards in very elle (where did this magazine come from ?).
so dangerous; yet understandably so considering her father is none other than the rolling stone keith richards.

photo from fotodecadent.


"...including a $4,500 natural kangaroo coat..."
fabsugar on the olsen's aw08 collection.
are you kidding me ? natural kangaroo ?! leather is one thing, considering that the majority of people consume cows, but i don't know of anyone that eats kangaroos.
mk & a, i'm disappointed.


kj said...

An Aussie once told me that kangaroos are like rats there...they have to shoot like a million of them a year to keep the population under control.

Amelia said...

What a great outfit! I love the vest and the dress.

WendyB said...

I do believe KJ is right -- they have to cull the kangaroos to keep them from all starving to death due to overpopulation.

LBIC said...

For a split second I thought the pic of theodora was an old school pic of jenna jameson. just for a second, though.

Kool Thing said...

MK & A, tut tut. Bad girls, definitely.

lee jones said...

the kangaroo thing is sooooo weird.

but i love that colourful one-y