February 18, 2008

a former love.

i know two posts in one day have some disadvantages (readers will only notice the most recent post, hence the jovovich hawk one not getting as many views nor comments), but i just couldn't help it.

summer is the only season where you can spend a week baring it all & not be labeled an insane person, a hobo or a prostitute. bikinis are an exhibitionist's dream: two miniature triangles are all that keep you from pulling a janet jackson circa her performance at that superbowl a while back (i know, right, just when we all thought that moment in musical history would stop being referenced...), and miniscule bottoms line women up outside lazer hair removal offices by the time may rolls around. personally, my comfort level exceeds normal in the summertime - i haven't a care in the world and i get to prance around in my nuddy pants. so, you can only imagine, my choice of swimwear is a top priority for summer outfit-planning.

the cheap-ass in me would look towards stores like gojane for high-glam pieces that aren't hard on my wallet.

canary yellow makes me smile, nautical stripes are always in style (that absurd rhyming was completely accidental), white cut-outs remind me of michael kors, navy & high waisted are reminiscent of the fifties, and fuchsia lamé is so now.

the label-whore in me longs for something from shopbop, but common sense tells me such minimal fabric shouldn't cost so much.

marc by marc, lisa curran, brette sandler, vix swimwear, shoshanna, marc by marc, zimmermann & lisa curran.

old navy have tons of patterns for fractional prices, but i know from experience that the bottoms sag when wet & the sizes are sometimes off.

blacks, reds and blues, t-strap sandals, flip flops and florals abound.

more summer looks i love;

for the past few weeks, i've been searching everywhere for a black bandeau bikini, à la kiki, but so far i've been unsuccessful in stores. i have found a cute bandeau top online at , but i'm not a big fan of shipping & handling fees. i'm thinking i'll try my luck at a few other malls before seeking for international aid. the second image is adorable: i love the yellow dress, and i'm really hoping the white tee is attached. if not, the ray ban chick is quite innovative for pairing it with a strapless summer frock. they even accesorize each other, what with the skinny yellow belt accent, the blonde hair and the semi-matching flats.



bigglassesgirl said...

I've always been scared to buy swimsuits online, though that's where I find my favorite styles. I've been looking for a good retro one-piece, but my torso is long so I'd rather try it on in real life and not hassle shipping returns.

Ashley Heaton said...

those yellow and white dresses are too cute!

Secretista said...

I'm sticking with the one piece this summer. Oh wait, I don't really swim, LOL.

alluretone said...

oh it's swim suit season soon.. at least there'll be sunshine!

Daphné said...

Like you, I am looking for a black bandeau bikini just like Kiki but I can't find it anywhere!Maybe it is just a bit early to find bikinis in stores...

poppy lee said...

the two girls are actually d-list celebrities in the UK after coming second in reality show big brother!

the dress on the right is richard nicholl for topshop, just in case you were wondering. i own it. both outfits are cute though.