February 18, 2008

having a near-life experience.

what i like from the jovovich-hawk for target collection;

high-waisted beach shorts, black chiffon dress, floppy hat, tailored shorts, basic black flats, bohemian blouse & white prairie-girl dress.

the selection isn`t splendid (basically, the entirety of the collection is reminiscent of an oldschool mischa &/or nicole richie vibe, back when they wore headscarves and had yet to be arrested), but i believe if you take the time to scavenge, decent outfits could be assembled featuring some of the items milla & carmen are offering us.



a. said...

im definitely not that impressed with this collection, as it is a bit dull

but i must say that last dress, is gorgeous. & i have to have it.

x A.

Ashley Heaton said...

the black dress is very cute. overall i'm very underwhelmed though :/

la petite fashionista said...

i'd say this collection probably came 2 years late. but, there was a lot of updated bohemian looks on the runway for fall so maybe, they could be modernized.


Fabi said...

some pieces are cute...I'll have to wait ´til they end up in thrift stores down here...hehe, I always find unused old target collection stuff in thrift stores. =)

aschlee said...

I'm really digging the peasant blouse and the boots. Nice post.

dreamecho said...

i agree; it's nothing revolutionary, but it is darling and there's definitely more than one cute thing to be salvaged from the collection. those hot shorts with the little frill on the bottom are so cute.