February 19, 2008

pretty face beside a train.

pictures by me.

music; fuck me pumps - amy winehouse
their cell - girl in a coma
just like heaven - the cure
you know i'm no good - amy winehouse
a lack of color - death cab for cutie
piece of my heart - janis joplin
heart condition - let's go sailing
friday i'm in love - the cure



a. said...

beautiful pictures.
i love them.


cc said...

are they your photographs?? they're amazing. the feet and the iron headboard! i love iron rail headboards! my bed has one just like that except it's white

cc said...

ooh yeah and i just checked out the lesportsac website cuz i didn't know about the stellam collab until you mentioned it. haha that bunny rucksack is pretty awesome

sraha said...

jaye, you take amazing pictures. i lalalove em.

molly said...

cool pictures and GREAT playlist

Linda said...

love your photography

and mildly obsessed with the discoball one

LML said...

love the playlist - so random!

Andy said...

Amazing pictures!