January 24, 2008

the suburban fashion survey.

You know how they say fashion for the masses isn't the same thing as the runway shows? Well, I conducted a survey to see if my little suburban town on the outside of Canada's capital was fashion-savvy. I questioned a variety of people - males (thanks for the effort) & fashionable females - and was surprised by some of the answers. The questions were basic but informative.

1. What is your favourite clothing store?
Winner: American Eagle Outfitters.
Honorable Mentions: Abercrombie & Fitch was a favourite amongst boys & girls, and a fair amount of people chose Aritzia for its close-to-home practicality & casual chic attire.
Note: Salvation Army was mentioned but once! Where else do people expect to find Ralph Lauren & YSL for dirt cheap?
My pick: I long for an H&M in my hometown.

2. Do you have a favourite clothing designer, and if so, who?
Winner: Most people gave a point blank no to this one. I suppose recognition for fashion isn't really a top priority, which is understandable.
Honoroable Mentions: Two people mentioned Marc Jacobs (one for his own line, the other for Louis Vuitton), & I'm pleased to say even Stella McCartney's name came up, on top of Jonathan Sauders & Elsa Chivalerie.
Note: Although someone did mention the boys over at D&G (a boy himself, no less).
My pick: Derek Lam used to be my favourite, but I think I've graduated to Jack McCollough & Lazarro Hernandez at this point.

3. Who is, in your opinion, the most fashionable female?
Winner: Not one person was mentioned more than once, quite the eclectic mix.
Honorable Mentions: Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Kate Olsen, Diane Kruger (yes!), Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Edie Sedgwick, Nicole Richie.
Note: Boys think that clothes look best on women who are hot in the first place (aka as long as what they're wearing highlights their body).
My pick: Ashley Olsen.

4. Who is the most fashionable male?
Winner: Justin Timberlake came out on top.
Honorable Mentions: Sweethearts like Adam Brody and Chace Crawford were mentioned, as were Will Smith, Will Ferrell, Bill Kaulitz & Ryan Kelly.
Note: Surprisingly, soccer god David Beckham was named only once.
My pick: At the moment, I'm in love with Milo Ventimiglia.

5. Are oversized sunglasses still 'in'?
Winner: An abundance of 'yes's came pouring in.
Honorable Mentions: Oddly, only boys thought these were out, and some said oversized was only acceptable if they were vintage.
Note: It was also said that sunglasses depend on various factors, and that oversized don't look best on everybody.
My pick: Oversized are still in if you mix up the shape. Get over the big bug-eyed tortoise-shell look, already.

6. Do you have a favourite model, and if so, who?
Winner: The classic Kate Moss is a name that sticks to one's mind, it seems.
Honorable Mentions: Other actual runway walkers include Gisele and Jessica Stam, aswell as fashion spread favourite Devon Aoki.
Note: As hot bodies are an ongoing them, the likes of Channing Tatum, Tyra Banks, Molly Simms, and Jessica Alba (if she models?) were brought up.
My pick: I have forever loved you, Freja.

7. What is your favourite magazine?
Winner: Cosmo (as in the politan) lead the way.
Honorable Mentions: As this one was pretty tight, others included Cosmo!Girl, Teen People (RIP), People and Missbehave were also stated.
Note: As you can probably imagine, boys lacked imagination in this category, although one did mention 'snowboarding' magazines, in general.
My pick: It's almost impossible to pick just one, but I've been subscribed to Nylon for two years, so I pretty much know it like the back of my hand.

8. What is the best nailpolish colour?
Winner: Red, but not by a whole lot.
Honorable Mentions: Boys like the brights, pinks and purples, whereas girls would rather more demure looks, like the french mani, clear nailpolish, or pale pinks.
Note: One person did mention a 'dark purple-y brown'. Hmm, sounds a little like Lincoln Park After Dark? Good choice.
My pick: As you know, at the moment, it's dove grey, but my alltime favourite would have to be fire engine red.

9. Black leggings: Yes or No?
Winner: Yes yes yes yes, yes.
Honorable Mentions: Two thought they were definite no-no's, while one person said they're best if they're detailed (interesting texture, appliqué, you name it).
Note: I'm not sure if people imagined calf-length à la Lohan or super-long à la ballerina for this one, but either way, the no's are split between a boy & a girl.
My pick: Acceptable for Winter only, pair with snug boots.

10. How much do a good pair of jeans cost?
Winner: The most common price range was from $70 to $90, as eighty came up quite often.
Honorable Mentions: $3.99 at Salvation Army versus the max price of $120.
Note: "The more they cost, the better they make you feel". Well said.
My pick: I'm a cheap-ass, but a good pair should gost upwards eighty dollars.



Jill said...

I can see a lot of my friends giving similar answers, especially for the celebrity choices and leggings questions.

Anonymous said...

i love it :]
well dooooone.

bigglassesgirl said...

chace crawford? jessica alba? Canada dear canada, where did I go wrong with you? At least Paris Hilton wasn't mentioned, or avril lavigne. Let's be thankful for the little things.

bigglassesgirl said...

...forgot to add. Good on you for doing a survey. I hate surveying strangers.

a. said...

when i go to nyc next month im so stocking up at uniqlo for their denim. so excited!

fab survey though i dont agree with any of the winners :/

but thats why were us, no? hehe

bisous x

Sister Libby said...

Awesome idea. Your friends sound a lot like mine...if in fact, they are your friends...

SICK. said...

some good friends, family, classmates,
& all that.

ChiliLady said...

Yeey....Team Kate !