January 26, 2008

bonified hustler making my name.

certain people are associated with certain things.
marilyn monroe and chanel no. 5, paris hilton and blatant sexuality*, valentino and the colour red, ... cory kennedy and flawless makeup ?

this is coming from the hipster prodigy who has incited mimetic behaviour among teenage girls all around the world with her mismatched outfits and her trademark tangled mop.
nylon magazine revealed yesterday that cory kennedy has collaborated with urban decay to create a cosmetics line.
here, they've brushed her perpetually unkempt & disheveled hair, covered her face with makeup and tarted her up real nice. that isn't to say that she looks terrible; just different. which is the underlying problem. will her loyal fans follow her through her this change, accepting her mainstream collabo; or will they turn the other cheek and eschew her for selling out ?

who knows. what really matters though, is the makeup. to paraphrase nylon magazine, it's a bright and vivid alternative to the signature amy winehouse eye. my verdict: much like florals, i think i'd like it in small doses. perhaps a thin sliver of serpent green for a bit of added drama in your daily life instead of the thick swipe of colour they've shown in the pictures. then again, urban decay is known for being over the top. after all, if we wanted subtlety, we would have chanel cosmetics to rely on.


*which is the nicer & more polite way of saying cooch exposure via dirty sex tapes.


discothequechic said...

greatt post!

scofff, cory kennedy in pink lipgloss? uhh, I'm going to go down the "Selling out" line of thought.

She kind of started to piss me off a while ago, but you can't deny she is pretty cool (in the way she dresses) but theres just something in her that comes across as arrogant. Maybe If I'd read that It girl ish of Nylon I'd think differently, I don't know.

But yeah, I had noticed her hanging out at fashion parties looking all clean and thought it a little weird. Hmm, whatever, guess shes got to get her money somehow..

oh, and looking forward to seeing that Kate B post in that case. Funny how simultaneous posts pop up!

Sage said...

definitely a better version of Amy's eyes.. :S

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lalaliu said...

hm..interesting. I never really had an opinion on cory kennedy. not much of a like, but definitely not an "ew, i hate her" either. the first picture looks pretty cool but is it just me or does she look sorta funky in the second? Lol :D

Stephanie said...

Woah - sweet blog! Can't believe I haven't seen it before...
And I have to say, I do like Cory's makeup in the pictures. Her style is quite nice, even if it did start that whole "hipster" trend, but I think she's trying to tone down the party-girl image now or something.

a. said...

she confuses me.

one minute i like her & the next im so over her.

but i must admit i like her dirty & grungy better than fixed up. it makes her look like shes trying too hard..?


molly said...

hmmm interesting, i hadnt heard that before
i love cory kennedy but i really doubt i need cory kennedy-makeup, especially from someone who, as you said, is known for her unkempt appearence!

Isabel said...

She looks so strange when she's airbrushed!

Mary said...

there are no pores visible, she looks not like herself in these pics, just like any other model.. maybe a little more sleepy ;)

no, not my cup of tea -