January 23, 2008

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St Trinian's is a fictional girls' boarding school which was created as a series of cartoons by Ronald Searle, a British cartoonist, and later became the subject of comedy films. The school is the antithesis of the Enid Blyton-type posh girls' boarding school; its pupils are wicked and often well-armed, and mayhem is rife. You can only imagine how they wear their uniforms, then.

In the upcoming movie St Trinian's, starring Mischa Barton, Rupert Everett, Colin Firth & Gemma Arterton, wicked takes on the traditional private school uniform abound.

It's so Gossip Girl that it's not. I mean, could you ever picture Leighton Meester in black fishnets & a straw hat? Then again, the whole 'Our-take-on-uniforms-is-so-much-more-stylish-&-sexier-than-most-private-catholic-school-would-ever-allow' theme is ongoing. You're not allowed to hike up your skirt that high.

[an older take on st trinian's story.]

I would kill for on of those blazers. Ralph Lauren, my obvious favourite, tailors them to perfection. They're just so classic and sophisticated-looking.

And here I was, thinking I'd be able to do a school-uniform post without side-tracking onto Gossip Girl outfits. But really, who am I kidding? I don't even follow the show at this point - the fact that it has no substantial link to the books, and Nate's character by far not living up to the actual Nathaniel pretty much turned me off - but I'm constantly researching the show's outfits after the fact.

These two crack me up. Their whole matchy-matchy trend, not that it's catching on, is pure gold. Not to mention that their outfits are almost always horrendous, except for a few touches like accessories or shoes that may miraculously pull the whole thing together, but even at that.

Jenny, I suppose, was dubbed the risk-taker. The excessive plaid & opaque tights make me smile, but only because the combination catches my eye, not because it pleases it. School uniforms don't actually look like this elsewhere, do they? We have school uniforms, and we have to follow strict rules if we even want to be allowed in: standard shoes and knee-high socks in navy blue, black, or forest green. We're not allowed to have haircolour that doesn't look 'natural' (aka, pink, green or blue), nor are we allowed to roll up our skirts (which doesn't mean we can't have them professionally cut to length). It's frustrating but inspiring to see the way television shows switch up uniforms in many unexpected ways.


PS: St Trinian's features Lily Cole !


cc said...

i fell in love with that ralph lauren blazer the first time i saw it in the store too. personally i think uniforms look SO much better worn the traditonal/slightly dorky-ish way. i wore my plaid school skirt all the way down at my knees throughout highschool... haha

The Clothes Horse said...

I can't wait to see St. Trinian's. As much as I hated my school uniform, I still cling to elements of it for every day wear.

the iron chic said...

I always wanted a school uniform.....

A. said...

I go to a Catholic school, and a uniform has been part of my life since kindergarten, so all of us get a kick out of the "Catholic schoolgirl" idea. First of all, we have little to no way to express ourselves through our uniforms. Shoes must be leather or suede (luckily I found some purple suede flats), and can't be higher than the ankle. Blue or green knee socks or blue tights... skirt can't be more than two inches above the knee... etc, etc. So it really is humorous when I see uniforms presented like that. Dress codes are scarily hardcore.

A. said...

Oh! And poly-blend. Lots and lots of poly-blend. If someone lit a match too close to a student, we'd all go up in flames.

Andy said...

im really obsessed with gossip girls style. its simply amazing. and things i would wear.

Buy Women Leather Pants said...

i fell in love with that ralph lauren blazer