January 19, 2008

return to sender.

it's 11h50 on a saturday night, i have midyear exams in three days, and i really should be studying.
but honestly i just can't bring myself to leave this chair and go pick up a textbook which will indubitably a) send me into a deep slumber, b) cause insanity, or c) lead me to my slow and boring demise.

so, instead, i've chosen the more exciting option of writing to you about my new obsession:

my nikon.

i have yet to figure out every aspect of the camera, but i am an eager little beaver. sometimes when i see the blindingly bright flash & hear the quick click, i get this incomparable feeling that i experience rarely. it feels like a waterfall rushing through my spine.

needless to say, this is one birthday gift that keeps on giving.


1 comment:

a. said...

oh, i know. isnt it just lovely?

but not near as lovely as your new camera it seems ;]