January 21, 2008

you're still kind of cute.

I want OPI nailpolish in 'Give me the Moon'. Officially, dove grey is the new black.



Jill said...

I would be a bit reluctant to try grey nail polish, because I'm scared it may look off against my skintone, but I still would like to try it.

Sealed said...

that one is pretty shimmery- kind of like a pale silver or a grey pearl. you may want to check out Essie's Great Expectations; it's from the new collection and it's a pastel grey creme.

China Glaze is coming out with a ECO collection (i think feb) and it will have a medium grey cream called Recycle.

btw, grey is SO easy to make, black
+ white np, also, experimenting with the sheerer whites is a good idea when mixing.

haha sorry so long, i love nail polish way too much.

Sealed said...

one more thing, Give me the Moon has lavender and blue shimmer, not just silver!

Isabel said...

This colour looks pretty. I refuse to let Jessica Simpson ruin this nail colour for me.

I want big hair said...

ooo that colour looks gorgeous!

a. said...

id love to try it though im having second thoughts now after that jessica simpson reference :/

Christine said...

ooh...i like it. i've never really thought about wearing grey nails!