January 14, 2008

so fresh & so clean.

The new & improved makeup bag:

1. Lancôme faux-leather croc makeup case (a donation from Grandma).
2. Benefit 'That Gal' foundation primer (which I use as an illuminator).
3. OPI nailpolish, in Lincoln Park After Dark (coincidently both Jessica & I received this exact shade last Christmas, & I'm trying to get into the habit of applying it more often).
4. The Body Shop Duo Glow in a subtle bronze tone (The top is a creamy solid, the bottom is loose shimmer powder - great to highlight cheekbones & eyes).
5. Elizabeth Arden blush brush (trusted & true).
6. MAC Pro Lash mascara (when properly applied, this gem works wonders).
7. Physicians Formula concealer (this one will do for now, but I'm desperately seeking a new one I can rely on).
8. Eyeshadow blush (a basic that really is necessary).
9. Annabelle blush in light, rosy pink.
10. Dior Ultra Gloss in raffia orange (I actually did end up getting it for Christmas).
11. Philosophy 'Gingerbread Man' flavoured lipgloss (tastes so good).
12. Numerous perfume samples (Missoni, Burberry & Guess Gold).
13. GoSmile Five Senses toothpaste (this one being my favourite; mango).
Thing is, I really do want a new concealer. Better yet, I need one. Physicians Formula, as a brand, isn`t bad at all, but I know for a fact it's time I get rid of it. I'm thinking I'll use part of my fourty dollar Shopper's Drug Mart gift certificate towards a new concealer. My pick: Smashbox. The Smashbox camera ready full-coverage concealer is simple, compact, sleek & exactly what I need to rid myself of blotchy skin & dark circles. I may not need to be camera ready at all times (say, sitting at home munching on Vanilla Rice Krispies watching Hogan Knows Best), but still, it wouldn`t hurt.

In other news, it's official, I'm travelling to Los Angeles next July, & I'm already mentally configurating outfits, accessories, shoes, you name it. An upcoming post should delve into the 'what to wear?' issue a bit deeper.



Cee-Cee said...

you've got a fantastic selection of makeup!!

Jill said...

Your makeup set is amazing, you've got everything and some.

a. said...

cute post, i love everything <3

Bianca said...

U have great makeup. Love the post.