October 18, 2007

the girl who fell to earth.

cherished readers, i present to you the magnificent julia restoin roitfeld. and how could she be anything but? after all, she is carine's daghter, so she is obligated to be amazing.
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what other girl could pull off those gold phi shoes, leopard + floral, and denim cutoffs + suit jacket + heels ?

carine = cooler than anna. we've already established that, haven't we?
julia = cooler than bee.

it runs in the family.



alice said...

u are so damn right.

satin pump said...

moreover, she is only 17 and she is beautiful like her mother!!

kiss from france



love it!

Isabel said...

Julia is hot hot shit.

coco said...

she does have great style
i love your header as well as the post

a. said...

LOVE her!


Dilemma said...

She's adorable!