October 24, 2007

demand the impossible.

maybe some of you know, but v magazine has a modelling contest called 'v a model'. i would kill to win, but i'm not delusional and i know it would never happen. i'd need over 2741 votes. i haven't yet registered, because due to my age i need parental consent. but i think i will. some of the girls there really should be models. but with so many beautiful stunners, how can you choose the winner? lucky for the judges, i've narrowed it down to the top ladies.

pretty please pick me v magazine!



Isabel said...

Good luck! Everyone is gorgeous. I'd love to do the 'model' thing too, but I'm only 5"5. About 5 inches too short...

Emma said...

I hope you win!

discothequechic said...

yess, enter, you should totally go for it, you'll never know if you don't try.

Girl in the bottom right looks good, but some of these ruined their pictures with weird angles. Model pictures are meant to be simple, ladies!


coco said...

i agree with stevie some of these are really weirdly shot
they are very pretty though
i used to want to be a model but then i never grew