October 16, 2007

the nicest thing.

halloween is right around the corner, what should i be?

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my ideas so far are:
a playing card: take a little white shift, fix it up with clubs & a seven, pair it with opaque black tights, pretty ballet flats & possibly an ornate hat?
a parisian: striped boatneck tee, black pants, and zee french beret. tote a croissant around for the day.
an egyptian: think gold, lots of gold, some kind of strange headpiece. the pièce de résistance would be those egyptian eyes - the makeup is to die for.
marie antoinette: this would be by far the most complicated, but possibly the most amazing? i would simply kill for a little masquerade.

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or maybe i could just be kiki.

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ashley heaton said...

marie antoinette would be an amazing costume! i think i'm going to be a goth alice in wonderland, haha.

ps - my fashion blog is finally back online!

or go to my blogspot blog for details :)

Irene said...

what is hilary duff dressed up as?

Isabel said...

Damn, I love the MAC makeup picture. I think you should be a playing card, that would be sweet.

WendyB said...

LOL @ "the alien"

Anonymous said...

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