September 9, 2007

I can feel it from my skin.

Joshua Jackson [i absolutely love that name] & Diane Kruger are my new fashion favourites - as a pair. Separate, they're cute, but Diane is but an improved version of Kate Bosworth [which is a bit too bland for my taste] & Joshua will always be renowned for his role on Dawson's Creek. Together, they're this:

Okay, it may be a touch too matchy-matchy due to the bohemian scarves & the Rag&Bone type of attire, but I'm simply in adoration of Diane's leather bomber [i've purchased a nearly identical one from h&m].

More things I must purchase to look like Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson [i really do love that name!]:
- skinny black pants [preferably with zippers].
- heather gray tights & ankle-length leggings.
- triblend v-neck, black v-neck, apricot v-neck.
- knit grey cardigan.
- scarf. any scarf.



It seems to me Coachella was amazing:
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I'm so late to still be talking about this, aren't I?

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Isabel said...

They are very cute, and I love Diane's outfit. Isn't she much older thatn him? What a cougar! Or perhaps they are the same age and I am just uninformed...Oh well.