September 9, 2007

The incinerator mastered our hearts,

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Loved: The colorblock heels at DKNY.
PS - Oh dear God, why?! How is it that Nicky Hilton has a show on Fashion Week, and in the Tent no less? I will never know.*

*Edit:Because I'm am unbiased, I took a look at her collection. It's trashy and tacky. There are maybe one or two pieces that I might consider wearing if they were free, but maybe not even at that. What I don't understand is why Tanya, Jessica, Bruna and Irina were walking at her show. I thought it a bit odd, and possibly because they're more Marc by Marc & Balenciaga than 'Nicholai' by Nicky Hilton.


lemon emlyn said...

do you have any links to this awful "Nicholai"?

SICK. said...

yes i do:
now, disinfect your eyes with the beauty of the temperley show.


lemon emlyn said...

It looked like something the Hilton Sisters would wear. Heh. The temperley show was beautiful though.