August 26, 2007

vegas on acid, seeing through these st-laurent glasses.

If I had the privilege to get a back to school outfit, I'm pretty convinced as to what I would purchase. You see, attending a private school & all, the most unique attire we can show off at the beginning of the school year is a vibrant tee layered under our usual white blouse or our preppy forest green polo. And even so, often times the colour clashes so much that we're warned that further use of said layering could result in, eek, detention. Sure, I'm still a high school kid, but I know all-too-well what all this uniform business is going to cause us in the long run. By the time we're out of school, we'll have no idea if we should match colours or contrast them. We won't know if a pleated skirt is still appropriate or if battered leather shoes are allowed. Which is why I can proudly exclaim, thank god for fashion blogs! Anyways, back to my premiere choice for frolicking the halls;
Nice, simple Cheap Monday denim.

Creative Recreation Cesario Hi [are the shoes every student should own.]

A previously mentioned Nicole Farhi cardigan [i think i'm in love.]

And a plain heathered v-neck [don't mind the model.]

Accessories should include any one of the sick summer shades you've purchased in the past two months, and any oversized bag [no TNA allowed].


PS: Who here votes that Jackson Pollis is trying too hard to look like a geek when really there's a stud hidden beneath those thick black rimmed glasses? I do, I do!


Emma said...

Heh. Brilliant post. As always.

Dilemma said...

Jackson Pollis gives me the creeps, just a little.

I have the AA shirt. If you don't have it, get it! It's ridiculously comfortable.

Isabel said...

That creepy Misshapes guy has a NAME? Never would've guessed.