August 29, 2007

One more time.

It's funny how much one can change their mind in a matter of months. Back in the faraway land of Spring, I wistfully gawked at vibrant hues that seemed to be sprouting everywhere, predicting that they'd still be on my radar by the time Fall came around. But, it seems I've convinced myself otherwise, instead leaning towards simple whites, blacks &, the omnipresent greys. It's not that I'm moody, although such a colour palette would suggest so. I just feel that those colours are more chic & pulled together than electric blue & dashing magenta. Maybe that's just me.
Which is why this season, I absolutely adore Daryl K, for their simple, easy basics & brilliant layering. Plus they have this kind of futuristic approach on everyday classics, that makes you want to slap on a pair of 3D goggles & moonboots. Except no. Because moonboots always remind me of Mariah Carey, and that would just suck all the joy out of my new James Bond attire, now wouldn't it?

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In other news, I am in love with these MJ flats. They are so simply ballerina-esque & beautiful, and they kind of ressemble slippers, so they would practically go with everything. But then there's like the rugged aspect of them, whatwith the naughtly studs & all. They're perfect.