August 30, 2007

Standing on the edge of safe.

As Zoë has mentioned in the last post, now is the time to show flagrant disregard for overly bright hues. Eschew them and embrace the new muted palette. If you're wondering how, I suggest replacing your fluorescent shades with more subdued ones: Canary with mustard, emerald with forest, magenta with plum, and electric blue with pale lake blue; and mix them in with your dark pieces. This is where Emilio De La Morena comes in. His collection is awe-inducing, making my jaw drop at every piece. His clever use of light and dark convince me that he definitely hails from supernal realms. See for yourself...

Great thanks to Kingdom Of Style for the pictures.



alexgirl said...

I love all those pictures. I would totally wear some of that stuff. ...okay, most of the dresses that incorporate tulle are cool, but completely OTT. I'd never wear something like that, but it's still awesome!

Isabel said...

The outfits are all stunning. I can't believe I've never heard of ths designer before! But the poor model looks painfull anorexic. I feel so terrible for the little creature.

Dilemma said...

Thank you for this post. I think I have a new favorite designer!