August 20, 2007

This, my friends, is a gallimaufry.

'This, my friends, is a gallimaufry' PT 1.
I CANNOT SPEND MONEY. Ask anyone I know, and they'll tell you that I have a serious shopping issue. It's not that nothing I find pleases me. No, nothing like that at all. It's more that I incessantly debate about the item, wondering whether or not I'll wear it, or if the price is too steep, or if I really like it. But then I always return to my dull wardrobe the next day, regretting my decision to not spend the cash. And of course, while I was at American Apparel today, my unfortunate condition acted up again.
See this simple closet staple?:
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Basic and amazing, right? That's not what I was thinking. Step inside my disturbed brain: "Well, yes it's gorgeous and I've been craving it's softness and ultimate coolness, but how often will I wear it? Will it be relegated to the back of my dresser? Or worse yet, shoved in bottom of my locker, sentenced to be used solely as a backup gym shirt? And maybe it's too expensive..." I need someone to smack me sometimes (That's usually where Zoë comes in, but she wasn't with me at the time), I should have bought that shirt. In a slightly big size, paired with a tight skirt that's just short enough. Or with tight black pants and some skyhigh heels.
Back to my horrible disease.
So then I spotted these:
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And they're just what I've been wanting. They're thigh-high, but that's okay because I could just scrunch them the tiniest bit and they would be somewhat Prada-like. But no, I figured I could just wait until I go to H&M and then I'll get some there.
Finally, I went to Aldo Accessories and found a three pack of black and silver rings. Exactly what I was looking for. But for fifteen dollars, there was no way I would be buying them. So I turned to leave the store empty-handed when there it was, glowing down on me with it's aura of beauty. A crocodile stamped black leather bag. Perfect. Perfect. So in a fit of lust, I grabbed the bag, forgot about all my quandaries and threw my debit card at the cashier, and I bought the stunning bag without a moment's hesitation. Okay, I lied. I didn't buy it, but did you honestly think this would have a happy ending? Sorry if you did, but sue Disney, not me.

'This, my friends, is a gallimaufry' PT 2.
From the first moment I saw the Daisy by Marc Jacobs bottle, I fell hard. It was as if it embodied youth, levity, and a free spirit sort of attitude. I'm not usually this deep about perfume, but this one makes me so happy. Everything about it. The ads are good too, but how could they not be with Irina Kulikova and Juergen Teller working together? (I had originally typed 'Irina Kulikova and Juergen Teller in cahoots', but then I remembered that a)i'm not forty, and b)they aren't scheming behind marc's back. that would be hilarious though.)
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'This, my friends, is a gallimaufry' PT 3.
I have become obsessed (and rightfully so) with Chanel footwear. From their knee-high gladiator sandals, to their cap-toed boots, I have never seen them gone awry.
The captoe may not be loved by all, but I believe it adds a certain magic and it would not be the same lusted-after shoe sans contrasting captoe.
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See what I mean?

It's good to be back.


Emma said...

Glad to have you back and brilliant.

Isabel said...

That shirt rocks, you really should have bought it. Smack!

Just kidding. Maybe this compulsive nonshopping is preparing your wallet for the day you spy the perfect designer tote bag and you have just enough $$ to cover it?

lemon emlyn said...

I think it's good that you do analyse the item before you buy itlike "how much do I love this? How much will I wear it?" it definately saves you some money. but try not to get worked up about it.

I've been looking for a perfect pair of knee socks too!

I believe you added me on myspace, check out my blog for me, hah.