August 24, 2007

We have two hundred couches where you can sleep tight.

The Olsen twins are everything & more. Just when you think their simple layers and ski-high heels can't get any better, they throw you a curveball in the form of mocassin boots or numerous bangles. Their tendency to not only predict but also portray trends almost too well, I must say, is outstanding.

Which is, I suppose, why I love this picture so much. Sure, a basic paparazzi shot, another one of those invasions of privacy that we the public admire most. But in all these said 'invasions of privacy', we have the opportunity of seeing Mary Kate and Ashley in their prime. Their street style is to die for, I mean, they always look so carefree yet fashionable, straying from the Californian designer-chic look and instead leaning towards the struggling-trust-fund-baby-artist ensembles. They look better in oversized shades than Richie & Lohan combined. They can make a plain white tee look like it's worth hundreds [which, coincidently, is the price of the tees in their new line, The Row]. When they traded haicolours, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Because that's what they're all about, surprising the people that take the time to watch what's up & what's down on the Olsen fashion radar.

Another thing I feel I have to mention, is my complete adoration for MuchMusic VJ Devon Soltendieck. He wears clothes, he doesn't decorate himself in them.Plus I'm wild about his short blonde hipster hair.


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Isabel said...

Gack! I love the Olsen Twins. I feel sorry for them because the paparazzi are always on their heels but at the same time I thank the paparrazzi for giving me a glimpse inside their fabulous lives/wardrobes.