August 7, 2007

Loafers burnt red like toasters.

I've fallen into a bit of a rut. All I ever wear are my denim cutoffs [which I bought at Wetseal, not at UO, but cutoffs are cutoffs, in my opinion.] paired with the rest of my boring crap that constitutes my wardrobe. The only thing that jazzes my outfit up is my black sequined purse that falls around my waist & sometimes glisten when the sun hits it at the right spot. Aside from that, it's tees & Havaianas for me, thanks. Which is really quite unfortunate. And which is also why I must find a bunch of things that can be worn no any day of the week, for any occasion, as basics that stand out more than they blend in.

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This fake ostrich YSL bag is quite glamorous, yet it's black & it's simple & it would fit pretty much anything. It's the kind of carryall I could envision myself wearing on the streets, with jeans & a tee, aswell as at a restaurant or out shopping. Quite the quintessential fashion purchase, no?

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Flashy & cute & very girly, these shoes are made for walkin'.

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A thick stretch fabric heandband will keep bad hair days away, plus with my thick bangs they're an easy substitute for the 'bobby-pin-bonanza-to-keep-your-bangs-up' look. Definite keeper.

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Okay, sticking a bra in the list of things to wear to stand out may be a tad confusing, but it's because I really do need a bra, and when you're wearing a comfy bra that goes with everything, the options are endless with what top can be paired, or dress, or blouse, or neckerchief worn as a shirt, whatever.

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A buckle belt with an edgy buckle. I have a red one with a gold rose as the buckle, and it looks nicer than it sounds. They're quite practical because you can wear them to keep your pants up or to squeeze in your waist. Either way, it revamps a basic outfit.

And if all else fails, I can just become Charlotte Casiraghi. She never blends in, now does she?
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miss fashion said...

mmk. i love those shoes! they are very cute.
and i love your blog.
wanna exchange links?

SICK. said...

the shoes are dries van noten :]

Kira Fashion said...

Black is the best colour for bags!

a kiss

amazing Zoe!


Isabel said...

That ostrich bag is awesome!

alexgirl said...

I love that bag. Tres cute.
And the shoes!!! I love glitter.

Emma said...

I love those shoes with a mad, flaming passion.

Fabi said...

the shoes are super cute!! ohh and charlotte is so pretty!

Klatuu o embuçado said...

Fashion blogs must be some kind of spreading women disease: a killing-neuronium epidemic virus.

Dark kiss.

cj said...

definitely some cute items to get you out of a fashion rut! cool style.