August 7, 2007

mixed emotion, fixed devotion.

We've got ourselves in quite the predicament. While wide-leg jeans are totally 'in' right now, skinny jeans have yet to lose their appeal, and so a teeny tiny fashion dillema ensues - which are better? I'm not convinced that wide-leg trouser jeans are appropriate for everyone, I mean, they're a trend like any other but would they really work for some sixteen year old perusing sale racks at her local thrift store with a choppy haircut & a penchant for house music? I think not. Instead, that's where the skinnies come in, to save us all from looking like a cross between a seventies hippie & Mischa Barton. Which are pretty much the equivalent, but still. What I'm getting at, is although either style doesn't work on everybody, is there one that's just a tad more appropriate for life itself? Because sometimes we all feel like wearing shoes à la Dita von Teese & red lipstick, although our sourpuss neighbour may not approve of taking out the trash in such a daring outfit.

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The fact that well, everybody has noticed how overrated skinny jeans are by now, also brings up a slight problem - what will the hipsters start wearing? Because we all know that they're sooo innovative & eclectic, what with their HOH tees & bleached shags. I must admit, I can't really see them grooving along to any of LA's DJs in wide, dark wash trousers & a Libertine blouse... Unless said club was hijacked by Rachel Zoe in a sick attempt to regain her role as fashion's, err, 'queen'. That being said, they'd probably start wearing fluorescent tracksuits or show up butt naked before transitioning to more of a chic look.

My opinion? Leave the wide legged jeans to people who can really pull them off, more specifically for the right occasion. Sipping lattes & wandering your local park, that's when the more mature look is appropriate - not at a Kanye concert.



Katie Rosemary said...

All the hipsters in the UK seem to still be in coloured skinnies... definitely can't see them touching wide-leg jeans with a 10 foot pole!
Great blog btw

Jasmine said...

the next thing is high waisted skinny jeans.
The industry is just being lazy by going opposite

I could see carot jeans comming in... loose on top tight on the botom but maybe not this year maybe at the end...
no one listen to the industry!!! listen to your heart!!

Isabel said...

Wide legs also look like crap on anyone under six feet tall. Boo!