July 18, 2007

You'll never feel bad anymore.

It's not that I completely hate her. No, that's definitely not it. Because frankly, I would not mind living her life. It's just that I can't stand looking at pictures of her for more than an instant. I'm not quite certain why. I'm simply not a big fan of Cory Kennedy. It's probably the fact that she has a nice bicycle and parties with L.A's cool crowd, which can be related to my Agyness Deyn disliking. I suppose I just can't stand girls who've got it all.
That being said, her attire is a completely different story. I would kill to have her clothes. At times, her look can be a bit too, how do you say, 'i-put-this-together-at-the-very-last-minute' for my taste, but without her 'i-couldn't-care-less' attitude, well, she just wouldn't be Cory Kennedy, now would she? I adore her oversized tees & mismatched accessories. She wears bangles like no other. But there is one particular item of clothing that she has, probably in duplicates, that I just love. And that, my friend, is her beautiful pair of denim cutoffs.

I have been eyeing these for, well, forever. They suit her so perfectly. I hope to god that they're DIY & not an expensive designer pair, and my common sense says they're probably not the latter. I mean, I haven't seen any shorts like that on the market at say, Shopbop, or Saks. But even if they are a home project, I wonder if she is the artiste who succesfully cut & frayed & fit them to perfection. If she is, well then props to you Cory, props to you. I'm sure your pals Tara Reid & Steve Aoki appreciate your fashion design skills greatly. There you go, something else to add to your repertoire of things to show off in Nylon Magazine.

Her mini leather coats paired with her wild [may I add, super-long] hair are perfect. Actually, most of her clothes are. Which is why I was so excited when I saw this on corykennedy.blogspot.com - an invitation to a garage sale hosted by none other than her & her friend. At said garage sale, she'll be selling her very own stuff, vintage clothes, tees, dresses, shoes. What wouldn't I give to be able to fly out there for July 22nd? Nothing.

Her blog is adorable and apparently she is apt to taking good pictures. Her penchant for Interpol and the Klaxons pleases me, but when I see all the concerts she goes to, I can't help but frown. Is it just me, or does it seem that she's got things way too easy? Okay, so she's climbed the social ladder succesfully, which she now rests atop. But now that she's up there, will her stay last long?
Oh & screw the 'peace out' thing. Wow I never noticed how corny it was. From now on it's just -


Lama Drama said...

hey - great blog!

Fabi said...

I like her outfit in the second picture.

Isabel said...

Oh frig. I want to go to a CobraSnake yard sale! Sounds like good time.

By the way, I totally understand your jealousy of Cory. I don't really like her or hate her, I just want her clothes.

stasia said...

i adore cory. i think it is baceuse she doesn't have that perfect it-girl look. she looks like the girl next door, for me. and that's always something in this crazy industry.

Robin said...

It sound's to me like your just jealous..

SICK. said...

yes i am.
very much so :]

shee said...

i dislike her immensly
she looks so messy and not in a good way
i love mary kate's looks and diane kruger
just corey annoys me so much
love reading your blog