July 17, 2007

North side, walk it out.

This past week, I was spending my precious time in a little town called Rome. There, I met a woman named Nicoletta, and she cleared things up a bit for me. According to her, the term 'nic' (like the nic in the beginning of her very own name) means victory, which is also represented by the name Victoria. In which case, you could say that any word beginning with the term 'nic' could somehow be related to victorious traits. And what do we all think of when we associate those two things - Nike, of course. Nike means victory. I never thought the explanation for such a vast company of articles could be so simple. I figured maybe it was an acronym, something coded, I don't know. Victory, that's much better.

Nicoletta, our guide, in her prime.

Even before Nelly's song came out, before collector's editions started hitting stores everywhere, before Lily Allen started pairing them with cocktail dresses to mix things up on the red carpet, Nikes have always been synonymous with urban style.

No matter which model you choose, be it the Blazer, the AF-1, the Sprint Sister, the Dunk, you're certain to get a pretty sick reactions in these kicks. At the very least, your crew'll go bezerk.
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