July 19, 2007

i saw no need for a cup.

I want to be Ashley Olsen.

On another note, my favourite shorts ever are on sale at Urban Outfitters. But you see, I loved them back in May. Now I'm leaning towards a variety of other ones & I wonder if $19.99 is bargain enough to pursuade me to buy something that, in my eyes, is second best.

I suppose these are pretty cool though. What do you guys think? They're practical, at the very least, because denim shorts are like jeans, they go with everything. Say...
T-Strap sandals, with...
a v-neck tee and...
a Nicole Farhi cardigan. God I want one of those.
Just making that outfit kind of convinced me that the denim shorts are a necessity. I'm going to Boston on the weekend and I think there's a UO there, so maybe I'll check that out. I'm acting all nonchalant when really I know I'll be desperately seeking an Urban Outfitters for the duration of my four day stay. Oh well, at least I can admit to it.
[ps; sandals from uo, cardigan & tee from coggles.]


*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love denim shorts except the ones i have broke :(

alexgirl said...

You NEED those shorts.

And the whole outfit rocks.

And I wish you were Ashly Olsen, too. Just kidding, you're a good you. But she's pretty inspiring--fashion-wise, anyway!

ashley heaton said...

i love that outfit ashley's wearing there!

robot-walk said...

those shorts look cool! I wish there was an UO over here ;)

Kira Fashion said...

I am with you, ashley olsen is amazing!!!!!!
i love, love and love her style...so fashion and classic at the same time ;)

i have a flog with some bests of hers!

thanks so much for passing add you to FF!


alluretone said...

who doesn't want to be an Olsen. i love that color on the Nicole Farhi cardigan.