July 20, 2007

"but i don't want to look like a pirate!"

Sorry about that brief hiatus. I spent the weekend in Boston. A little weekend getaway, dare I say. So it wasn't all glamour because the travelling consisted of two nine hour drives, but I enjoyed myself. I mean, can you imagine how much fun I had watching every single episode of Seinfeld in the car on the way? A lot of fun, that's how much.

What I really wanted to get was a bag. A big bag. Something I could carry everywhere, a semi-tote, a nice-looking carryall. I have one now, but it just so happens that it's a TNA bag, bought from Aritzia. The bag is outrageously overrated. In case you need proof -

I was on the city bus the other day, toting my bag, and a girl & her boyfriend were sitting in the seat behind me. She also had a TNA bag. Her boyfriend said: "Wow, everybody has those bags eh?". I nearly puked. I got my bag at Christmas and now that they're popping up everywhere I'm the one who has to pay. I had the idea of selling the bag itself to rid myself of its fashion inconvenience, but then I figured when the trend dulls down I may want to take it out of my miniscule closet & continue using it. So instead of offering it to someone else, I will keep it all to myself & hope for the best.

Onto another important matter - my fall wardrobe. Now call me crazy, but I'm already envisioning what I'll be wearing when the dry, cold wind whips at my face while awaiting the bus. Okay, so I wear a uniform to school, and okay, so the accessories allowed are quite limited for fear of anyone looking ever-so-slightly unique. But outerwear is always an option. And shoes, god, shoes.

Then, my dear friends, come weekends. And on said weekends, I'd like to wear the following things:
- twenty three v-neck tees.
- a trench coat.
- Cheap Monday jeans.
- jazz shoes.
- college sweatpants [can anyone say Yale?]
- mocassin boots &/or majorette boots.
- tights in every colour; namely black, white, electric blue & fuchsia.
- a skinny black tie.
- a basic blue dress shirt [like the one Ashley Olsen was wearing in a previous post.]
- the nylon tulip skirt from A².
- a bright red cardigan.
- very thin knee-high socks in navy & in creme.
- a chunky knit beret in a bright colour.
- twelve diy tees with such things as exclamation points, blow dryers & handprints on them.
- a knit raglan tee [you know, like the baseball players used to wear?]
- a navy blue pleated babydoll dress.
- ankle-length jet black leggings [no, I've yet to buy any.]
- Reebok Freestyle kicks.
- D&G tidy whitys with thick elastic band.
- round toe short ankle boots in black.
- vintage light wash jeans like such:

And that's a whole lot of stuff. I don't expect to get it all, I'm just, you know, throwing my ideas out there.


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miss fashion said...

you know- i agree with you on what to wear on weekends.
i read it and jazz shoes are in right now! they have some at urban outfitters so i am into them right now!