November 12, 2008

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photo: tfs
genius duo jack and lazaro have conjured up a new dream to add to the proenza schouler name: the ps1 line of bags.
the highly hyped collection consists of the various messenger models (as seen on mary-kate olsen) and a few others, demonstrating a precise dichotomy of antique ornateness and futuristic shapes. needless to say, the fashion world is very excited.
what is especially strange, is that these bags are not even available for purchase yet.
so how is it that mary-kate olsen and vanessa traina already have one ?
well, they've got friends in high places. jack and lazaro have cunningly handed out the coveted bags to those two very stylish - not to mention camera stalked - ladies. it's a great marketing technique. think about it; mary-kate, whose life and fashion choices are constantly under intense scrutiny, rarely leaves the house without hoards of paparazzi documenting her every footstep and starbucks order. then these photos are invariably spread allover the internet for fashionaddicts to drool over. so, in using their limelight mates to generate buzz, proenza schouler is getting the cheapest advertising available. also one of the most clever.
the specific bag that mary-kate has set gingerly on her lap is the previously mentioned messenger bag. hers is the largest size, as the bag also comes in clutch and east/west (medium) form.
according to jack, there will be "a million different colours, suede, leather, rubberized python, crocodile special-order". great ! my top choice is a leather east/west in a bright hue.
except that these bags don't come cheap. ranging from $895 to $1995, these are not for those with limited budgets.
nevertheless, i will continue to long for one to throw around and beat up.
that's how they should be, right ?



Andy said...

Sadly I don't have the time to read this post, I just came to tell u that I posted something new today so i hope you'll leave a comment telling me what you think about it !

Anonymous said...

it's creepy how jack and laz ALWAYS manage to do a great job at anything, i mean has any of their collections ever failed to impress? by the way, i've always wondered why this blog was called sick, as in gnarly sick? haha.

a. said...

i absolutely love the grey version that was posted up on jak & jil last week or so.

& i love that E&J ring shes got one.

we can dream...


ps, i did see that! i freaked out only a little bit. ive actually been inspired by that & a similar post will be up soon featuring my jewellery & stuff ;]

SICK. said...

chère anonymous :
definitely agree with you on proenza's perfection. my favourite collection was hands-down the ss07 (i think it was), the one with the candycoloured bandage dresses and babydoll pink lips.
but on to the sick. topic : i think it was just a word zoë and i had started saying (and yeah you're right, in a gnarly sick surfer sort of way). and we had talked about what we would name a magazine if we owned one, and this came up ! so then, on a whim, i named it this and we agreed on it.


yello said...

eh, what can i say;
i love your blog! i'm linking you guys(:

Lee Jones said...

i absolutely love the bags, wish i could afford them tho.

-h of candid cool said...

it's very clever. i admit i would do the same thing.

Lisa said...

i think i am officially obsessed with these bags.

i am a bag machine.

argh. do you know when they come out?


I think my body is 96% green tea instead of water.
i love that you LOVE it as much as me.
good thing it's a healthy obsession.

oh my of course i do not mind you asking where i am off to.
i am actually from Sherwood Park ( just outside of Edmonton... it is known as the "bubble" ;) )
so it is going to be FREAKIN freezing.
last year we had -45...
something to look forward to, hey?

but i will be surrounded by my fam+friends.
can't wait.

hope you are having a fabulous week.