November 11, 2008

flashy diamond smile

we were tagged by lovely fellow blogger fritha louise at the fish tank to compile a list of six lovely things that make us happy. i know i've already got a list of one hundred under my belt, but one can never have too many things they like, no ?

the rules.
mention the person who nominated you.
list six unimportant things that make you happy.
state the rules.
tag five blogs & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

six things that make me smile.

one. all four seasons for very specific reason: fall for the nice colours, the musky smell and the rebirth of cosy layering; winter for the beauty of snow, the sports that ensue and christmas (see: i love christmas !!); spring for baby animals and thunderstorms; summer for late-night swims up at the cottage, afternoons spent sunbathing and bright green grass.
two. i currently have a big place in my heart for the british drama skins. it's like degrassi meets georgia nicolson - totally up my alley. i'm thinking of asking for the box set of season two for christmas (see: again, i love christmas !!).

three. not only flipping through magazines, but reading well-written articles and memorizing my favourite words for later use.

four. i've kind of always had an olsen twins obsession, or fascination, if you will. it might be the fact that i grew up at the same time as they were making their way through different market demographics (when i was a kid, it was the 'sundae shop' videos, and when i was a tween, it was two of a kind, and later films like billboard dad or new york minute). their style is always the first that comes to mind when i envision current inspiration, or even sometimes for my next haircut. pictures of them help me appreciate the beauty of childhood stars who went against the grain - and turned out normal, and successful.

five. sifting through old pictures and notes that were passed in class years ago. i don't even know why i save all of that stuff ... good entertainment, i guess.

six. check out the movie half nelson. i watched it this weekend, and i'd been wanting to before it even came out - like two years ago !! - so let's say the hype had grown over time. anyways, ryan gosling performed (as usual. have you seen lars and the real girl ? if no, check it out asap) and shareeka epps, after all that critical acclaim, so better get some more terrific film jobs in the near future. so this sixth thing i like is split in two : half nelson & ryan gosling himself. because he is just that amazing. and that video of him & rachel mccadams at the teen choice awards after having won for best kiss for the notebook ? priceless !

& i tag ... well i'm not sure yet. i'll get back to those who are tagged though, i promise !



F. said...

I LOVE SKINS!I record it on Sunday&always look forward to watching it!
Anyway, I went through this Ryan Gosling phase where I'd constantly watch half nelson&the slaughter rule&stay&then longed/swore to myself to dig up murder by numbers from our vast collection of DVDs...half nelson is a great movie

Fleurr De Lux said...

where can i get my hands on jalouse? everyone says how much they love it!

Fashion Fille said...

great survey! i love all the pictures you used.

lara said...

man the mk and ahley photo is amazing!!

Lisa said...

i love # 1 & # 3 the most.

i miss the 4 seasons that Canada displays.

we have 2 here :(

and i love that you memorize the GREATS.
i hate that when i accumulate my favs and i'm insanely busy, i get sensory overload and do not get to spend as much time as i would like with my mags.
my- it sounds like i have a relationship with them .

love your 6.


emma said...

oh my god, I love the cover of jalouse.

Annie said...

pick me, pick me!!!!

discothequechic said...

sighh ryan gosling.

half nelson is one my favourites and even if he is a little hopeless and too much of a fan of drugs i am in love with his character.

and the soundtrack is amazingg to the film.

i met him on the street in nyc in april and my dreams came true! haa.

and skins is filmed in my city! it's a great drama, abd pretty funny because you can often spot the actors hanging out around town.

great list, i have to agree with you on most of them.

ps, in hindsight this post sounds rather "namedropper" ish. apologies!