November 26, 2008

november long weekend

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let's discuss;
leggings as pants.
i can't quite put my finger on the primary reason why they bother me, they just do. sure, okay, they're a hipster trademark, or a comfort thing, or whichever other reason you may have to frolick around town in them, but unless you're a professional jazzerciser or robin hood, you really have no excuse. some agree, some do not, and i can totally see how opinions go both ways, but you have to draw the line at some point, and i guess i'm just one of those people who decided to draw it before stretchy spandex camel toes.
and the funny thing is that it's become a minor trend amongst the fashion elite just recently, whilst only a few years ago were we critiquing lindsay lohan for the very same offense. maybe she was ahead of the game ! maybe she knew that someday people would set aside the fact that they're not even that warm and synonymous with loungewear to instead sport them loud & clear, for everyone to see (and when i say see, i mean really seeeee, because you have no other choice but to see when the legging wearer's lower-body anatomy is completely evident to the naked eye).
i'll admit, i've previously been a leggings-as-pants offender, and when i was, i meant no harm. i may even do it again sometimem for all i know. i don't mean to condemn all you legging fans to a life of misery and fashion distrust or anything, i'm simply voicing my current opinion, which is that leggings as pants are bothersome. and most likely not as practical as we're all making them out to be.

see a resume of my opinion here.



Lisa said...

ah this is great!
i've actually never owned/worn a pair of leggings before.

but i am curious.

i ordered my 1st pair from aa about a month ago but they have yet to arrive.

i will try them out .
but we will see.
if not they will be wonderful for yoga!

love you view.



I live in leggings. However, I am not a fan of the 'Camel Toe' look! I team mine with dresses/skirts or long tees/shirts. I'm not sure if this falls into the leggings-as-pants category. I can't stand seeing leggings paired with little tops, blergh.

She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

I must admit I wear leggings to the gym, but not the spandex ones, I stick tot he good old cotton type.

Brigadeiro said...

I admit that I used leggings quite a bit in the last year, not as pants, but I found them great to wear under dresses, as I felt it dressed down dresses when wearing them on a day-to-day basis.

w0witsalana said...

haha this makes me so sad. i love wearing leggings as pants... i just hate jeans because i can never find a pair that fits well. and they're sooo comfy. but i will never pair them with a top that does not in any way exceed the top of the leggings.. so grime time.

DaisyChain said...

leggings as pants annoys me,
I think it's ok if the top you are wearing comes to just above the knee,
but...most people seem to think short tee + leggings is a perfectly okay outfit.

lovelydisco said...

I think leggings as pants are perfectly fine when worn teamed with a long top (ie. one that covers your bum) or a dress.

But leggings as actual pants are a no-no! I especially cringe when I see girls of the larger breed parading around in them with all their bits jiggling...

I'm not being bitchy, just honest. It happens ALL THE TIME in inner city Dublin. And the girls that are the chief offenders are the same ones that point and laugh if they see someone in coloured tights.

lavelle said...

haha i love this post and laughed out loud when i clicked on the link! i hate seeing girls wearing leggings or tights with just a tiny top. i work at Topshop and we've had some high waisted wet-look leggings in that people are actually TUCKING THEIR TOPS INTO!! Its shocking!

Claire said...

OMG I agree I love this article!! I posted about this sort of thing a while ago... it is here

Nice blog btw.