November 23, 2008

i feel too close to be losing touch

i love this editorial.
does anyone know which magazine it was featured in ?
[courtesy of tfs]

32 days until chrimmy, i think. 32 days until the warm flames from the fireplace pour heat out into the living room, tree and stockings and ornaments and all. 32 days soft '60s christmas tunes float through the musky ginger-scented air, as bright smiles paint themselves onto the faces of the young and the old. 32 days until big bows and bigger boxes all tucked neatly under the tree.

the ombre plaid coat from urban outfitters has been on my mind non-stop lately. i'm not usually one to fall for plaid outerwear (or any pattern, to begin with, especially houndstooth or tweed) but this coat looks so cosy and canadian that i can't help but long for it. its shape is the deciding factor: i mean, how can you not appreciate such a well-constructed drop-waist and the perfect length of sleeves ? the only issue would be its warmth, but aided by simple layers, i could wear it all through the winter, no doubt. the price tag is really good too (approximately $100), and so the piece has found a spot on my christmas wishlist as of late.

alongside which are the samsung slyde cellie in pink; the american apparel raglan in dark violet or triblend black, and a subscription to marie claire magazine. i've already enumerated the (many) novels i'm lusting after. and, not pictured, is the frederik fekkai celebration of style (a set of coiff products, such as an anti-frizz creme, a staightening balm and a finishing creme, all in miniature formats) as well as gift certificates (hello joefreshstyle, starbucks, shopper's drug mart, american apparel, aritzia or chapters) and an eyelash curler.

i know for a fact that i'm terribly greedy. to think, some people cannot even permit themselves to give gifts during the holiday season, and i'm here with an arm's length list of sufficiently pricey items that are far from necessities. i'm not expecting the half of these things, i just like dreaming up infinite wishlists (as we all do, right ?). as a matter of fact, if i had to pick just three things to ask for this christmas, it would be lots of snow, holiday cheer and the good health of the loved ones who celebrate the season with me.

happy holidays !


dorian g. said...

the editorial was in W

Lee Jones said...

wow, that editorial is awesome!

Lisa said...

i agree.

we are all allowed to dream.

how great is shoppers drug mart?
everytime i head home for the holidays i end up spending TOO much time + money there.


teenfashionista said...

Was a sweet ode to christmas. I can't wait, either!

What books are (or were?) on your list? I'm looking for some literary inspiration.

Amelia said...

It's funny how we lay all of our material dreams and desires on Christmas. We could ask for them anytime, but we choose Christmas, because that is a time when dreams sometimes come true. I like your list.

lavelle said...

I love that editorial!
I am new to blogging - what site is TFS? A lot of blogs seem to get a lot of really good photos from there?