October 24, 2008

all your food is frozen and needs to be defrosted

i was flipping through an old jalouse issue, from june of this year, and i came upon a brief interview with it girl alice dellal. and i thought it was cute, so i decided to post its' translated version here.

a town ? london.
a pub ? camden.
a book ? the wind in the willows by kenneth grahame.
a restaurant ? any lebanese cuisine.
a movie ? top secret by the zucker brothers.
a band ? the rum shebeen or eraserheads.
a brand ? charlotte olympia (her sister's shoes) or house of holland.
your style ? nineties.
a vacation spot ? rio da janeiro.
a boutique ? ebay.
a dream ? being a ballet dancer or a tattoo artist.
your projects ? working on my photography & learning to drive.
where do you see yourself in five years ? behind the wheel !
jalouse is one of the few magazines i feel privileged to read. maybe it's the fact that it's european and hence a bit more hard to come by here in north america, or maybe it's the smart material that is offered to me in the variety of articles it publishes. either way, i savour every last drop of jalouse, with no exceptions.
yes, it's rare i actually purchase it. it's like six bucks and i'm a cheap-ass ! but i scavenge for it amidst tigerbeat & martha stewart weddings in the (not-so) vast array of magazines offered at my local grocers, pharmacies and corner stores.
it's the least i can do for the magazine that makes me think.


ps -i thought of answering the questions that were asked to alice, but then decided against it, instead opting to ask you guys to do so ! i am really interested in finding out what your favourite, hum, everythings are !


discothequechic said...

a town i know more cities.
a pubstart the bus
a booki don't have one! but am reading little women and ted hughes poems atm..
a restaurantanything east asian
a moviebefore sunrise and before sunset (the sequel)
a brand topshop
your style constantly evolving
vacation spot i always go somewhere new.
boutiqueanywhere 2nd hand+reasonable price=happy stevie
a dream sitting in a meadow full of flowers and sunshine with friends and food
your projectsblogging, always! on the mind constantly..
where do you see yourself in five years? coming to the end of the fashion promotions degree at london college of fashion, and feeling happy and merry.

discothequechic said...

..still can't decide what i think of alice dellal.

even though i lovelove her style.. she really is just another rich girl!

discothequechic said...

OH and sorry third comment.. but band beck.

this has inspired me to work on a similar post!

F. said...

A town?:georgetown,although it is a bit like a city
A pub?:erm too young for that one...
A book?:the bell jar by sylvia plath
A restaurant?:does noodles&company count?if not taipei tokyo
A movie?:somersault with abbie cornish
A band?:recently the postal service has worked its way back to the top
A brand?:rachel comey
Your style?:random&based on mood
A vacation spot?: I haven't been many places but Nagshead is my favorite
A boutique?:CUSP
A dream?: my own little magazine where I almost possess all possible positions
Your projects?:my little fashion blog,applying to uni,lookbook
*in 5 years it will definitely be last year of college(if we're counting the rest od this year),or if not counting what's left of this year I'll be abroad working fashion week or being an intern or something...or year 1 of grad school@NYU

-I love surveys:0)-

hrose said...

i think alice dellal sometimes comes off contrived and try-hard, but when she gets it right she looks FABULOUS. she has such attitude and energy, you can see it coming through in her clothes. a real inspiration when her game is on.

a town ? paris! (of course, with my french wardrobe)
a pub ? the ivy.
a book ? brideshead revisited.
a restaurant ? french bistro like vamps, or indian.
a movie ? marie antoinette.
a band ? arctic monkeys yes yes YES!
a brand ? vanessa bruno.
your style ? old school chic.
a vacation spot ? the mountains.
a boutique ? vintage/the corner shop.
a dream ? head features writer at vogue. :D
your projects ? finishing school.
where do you see yourself in five years ? in england, quite possibly broke and very cold... but insanely happy!

please do your own! i'd love to read yours!
hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sandra Rehn said...

a town ? Gävle, Sweden

a pub ? haha, oh well I'll have to say Bonden in Edsbyn, it is basicaly the only pub I have visited

a book ? All Harry Potter!

a restaurant ? my mum makes the absolute fab of anything imaginable
a movie ? the holiday
a band ? right now I listen to The rejection with Dangerous muse
a brand ? H&M junkie for life
your style ? fashionable with a personal exentric twist

a vacation spot ? Brittany France

a boutique ? H&M

a dream ? Learn to dance and be good at it!
your projects ? same as above and also writing a novel

where do you see yourself in five years ? Happily ever after with some lovely dude ;). Haha, other than that I really just aim for being happy, what ever that will mean at that moment. Maybe I've managed to get my novel published, which would be so great, maybe I have kids (though the thought of thet is quit scary haha)...

Anonymous said...

a town ? New York
a pub ? DCU's Old Bar circa late 2006
a book ? too many to list
a restaurant ? anything Mexican
a movie ? Virgin Suicides
a band ? Kings of Leon for now
a brand ? Topshop/H&M
your style ? always changing
a vacation spot ? tampa
a boutique ? Sabotage in Dublin en ce moment
a dream ? to live in a loft and run my own magazine
your projects ? find my dream job, write a novel, start dancing again

elisabeth said...

thanks for the comment!i have now spent the last 15 mins reading your blog, love it!:D

a town.... camden
a pub... tessies in n.ireland
a book... blankets by craig thompson
a restaurant... anywhere in china town, london
a movie.... lost in translation
a brand... velour
your style... currently slinking back into grundge
vacation spot... the south of germany
boutique... beyond the valley
a dream... walking through botanic gardens during autumn watching all the leaves fall
your projects... blogging, covering my wall with millions of pictures
where do you see yourself in five years?... living in a tiny flat in london with my boyfriend, working my way up through topshop to become a buyer, and the owner of a beautiful grey kitten

Lee Jones said...

a town: athens
a pub: i prefer dancing
a book: marcel proust's in search of lost time
a restaurant: the tea party
your style: librarian on drugs
vacation spot: montreal in the spring
a dream: run away to paris
boutique: milk + victoire
project: learn guitar
in five years: london school of art for fashion journalism

I heart milk said...

I saw alice d. leaving a pub in camden, where Wino dj. a week a go in London, I cant decide if I like her or not.

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