September 4, 2008

she's the second best killer i ever have seen

hair: such a fickle issue, no ?
my previous 'do (read: almost two years ago) was a pixie crop à la miss deyn, or so i thought. i foolishly figured that her much buzzed about style would transform me into quite the little gamine, and while some liked it, i was convinced it made me look even more like a little boy. as you can imagine, my already linear body and dental braces didn't help erase this image. so, i eagerly awaited the day where my short strands would be replaced by a cascading mane. well, here i am now and it might not be deemed cascading by any terms, but it's a definite improvement. recently, after much hemming and hawing, i finally cut my hair again. this time, i was pulling inspiration from two of of my favourite ladies ...

none other than the iconic jane birkin and kate moss.
the perfectly unkempt and messy look of the rocker bang has me hooked. really, what's not to love ? it's essentially effortless, and best of all, very sexy. you know, so all that batting of your lashes beneath the heavy fringe won't go unnoticed.
perfect for little boy-like me.



Lisa said...

hi ladies.

fellow canadian loves.

thanks so much for your beautiful comment.

you girls are rockin xx.

Wendiva said...

this cover is amaaaazing! i love both of their styles, thanks for the post!

Richel said...

crazy amazing.

claire said...

oh my, i have exactly the same hair past as you, even as far as the braces! do you still have braces? i do :/

however i am a little more behind than you, but i do eagerly await the day when my hair will be long enough to cut bangs in a la birkin.

y-s x