September 14, 2008

a pretty boy is like a melody.

pretty pretty everywhere.

as spectators wait expectantly for the steady flow of lanky models to come cascading through the mouth of the runway, all eyes are on the woman's core. her core is where the designer's work is on exhibition - flowing gowns, structured silhouettes, brights or black - and therefore the highlight of the show itself.
however, it is very likely that the eye wanders towards the woman's face, where her expression, her delicate features and, most importantly, her makeup are all on display. it is for that reason that makeup artists go the whole nine yards, season after season, year after year, to create unique looks which fit the description of the woman wearing the clothes, the woman with all eyes on her.
this season, many of said women wore crimson lips, an illuminated visage or heavily-kohled peepers. above, a quick resumé of my favourites, from proenza's delicate take on simple glamour to phillip lim's sultry palette.
it comes as no surprise that this season, like all the rest, was a hit in the books of beauty afficianadoes everywhere.



JuliaFuentez said...

love the thakoon style

Anonymous said...

may i just say that i absolutely love this blog, you guys do a great job with updates, keeping it interesting, etc.

Audrey Leighton said...


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Anonymous said...

the carolina herrera one is my fav

Sharlo said...

lurrrvv ur blog!!!


claire said...

aaah who is that last model? i totally recognise her, she has nice hair.

hahaha that audrey leighton posted exactly the same comment on my blog word for word! ah well got to admire a time saver?

y-s x