September 22, 2008

apples and pears.

i was so happy to see nylon october in my mailbox today.
better yet, i was so happy to see zooey deschanel on the cover of nylon magazine.
not only because she is without a doubt one of my favourite actresses (alongside natalie portman and sandra oh), but also because she is the begining (or the return) of something good for nylon. they've been going in circles for a while now, with cory, the 90210 girls, leighton meester - i respect all of them, but the constant overexposure of what most call it-girls was getting old - and zooey seems to be the perfect girl to break the trend.
she's been around for quite some time now (remember her in almost famous ?) and with a slew of upcoming roles in movie such as 500 days of summer & yes man, she's sure to be back on the radar of many in no time.

and not surprisingly, she was terrific in weeds.
i really do love that show.


sophiejade said...

She is lovely, and she was so funny on weeds too.

lovelydisco said...

I heart her.

Ever see Failure To Launch? I had to go to the press screening of that a few years ago (otherwise I wouldn't have bothered) and she was the best thing in it.

Sometimes Katy Perry looks a wee bit like her...

Juliet said...

I'd love to order Nylon, it has great stuff online and people speak good of it. But I've never seen a copy of it irl.

juliet xxx

Alex said...

oh yes i love her! and weeds. i love me some weeds. and nylon. that too.

also i am Totally Surs about smearing blood across my cheeks for real dude.

Fleurr De Lux said...

oh man mine came today and I haven't cracked it yet... I'm saving it as a reward post-homework. eeeee i'm excited.

alex hannah said...

I really like her but i haven't really
seen that many movies with in them.
but almost famous is one of my favorites.