August 26, 2008

rock & roll fantasy.

autumn is the season i hate to love. its crisp winds bring forth major stresses like school & time-consuming sports, and with them the disappearance of summer altogether.
however, with fall also come thick knit sweaters, chunky scarves, drapey cardigans, structured cocoon coats, classic legwear, miniature booties and layers upon layers of cold-weather protection.

there's a certain smell that sticks to autumn, too. a blend of rotten leaves decorating the wet ground, crappy caffeine and mud. three things you wouldn't think would bring anything near euphoria. but nature works in funny ways.


Alex said...

somehow that one girl makes the uggs work.

and i think that autumn smell makes all the stress worth it.

rosie. said...

i love those looks so much!

xx, rosie

Hila said...

oh these girls are so cute, it's not fair.

roxanne said...

"the season i hate to love." you've finally captured my habitual ambivalence for the season in six words. well-done. links swapped.

Emily said...

These looks provide great inspiration. I love the first look. Also, I'm looking for the perfect coat for this autumn.

Emily @

claire said...

Love the photos here, autumnal perfection.

Thanks for linking,

young-shields x

Fleurr De Lux said...

It's getting colder! I SORT of feel like I got my money's worth of wear out of all my summer sandal purchases, and I'm actually excited to wear tights again. Am I crazy??

Isabel said...

Ooooh, pretty pictures!