August 24, 2008

make sure you've been nice.

vacation recap: day one.
between departure & arrival, everything went smoothy. the plane was a safe haven compared to the bustling airport(s), and we had the privilege of individual touch screens where we could relish in everything from cinematic masterpieces to quirky shows. i, for one, spent the ride in las vegas counting cards with the aid of 21 and in the city we were fastly approaching, los angeles, laughing it up with larry david while watching curb your enthusiasm. before i knew it, we were in los angeles, waiting to collect our bags and head out into the hot july sun.

once we were installed at our good friends' house, we could really start to relax. we were on the other side of the continent - which quite literally felt like the other side of the world - but we felt right at home. the night was spent lounging outside watching the hills in the distance, listening to kid rock & catching up on some much needed zzz's. before we knew it, it was sunday, and then began the adventure of a lifetime.



roxy said...
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roxanne said...

whoa, you girls are back to blogging with a vengeance, and i'm loving it. looking forward to seeing the rest of the vaca recap! also, why haven't we traded links yet?