July 23, 2008

whiffs of freon.

my new girl crush.
or no wait ...
gotm - finally, a girl of the moment !
coco sumner.
the lovely seventeen-year-old songstress, daughter of sting & trudie styler.

& coco for burberry.



Joe said...

Oooh. A fan!! ;)

check out my blog then...


I just made it this weekend, so it's a work in progress.


cc said...

love her hair.

konst said...

WOOOOOOOOOO i was gonne write about her today ahahahahha :)
i love coco , her style and music she's awesome

ashley heaton said...

she's adorable! i love her hair.

Isabel said...

WOW, she is gorgeous and so so stylish. Thanks for the heads up!!

melly said...

oo this girl is cuu-ute! never knew.