July 27, 2008

repeat repeat the words i know we both said

if miranda priestly's daughter were a rebellious rocker who dated boys like sid vicious, she would wear balmain's aw08 collection.

structured jackets left undone, slim and cropped pants, black lace dresses revealing miles of slender leg while redefining the idea of the lbd; no leaf left unturned, and everything with a tangible air of laissez-faire.

according to christophe decarnin, the creative mastermind behind the designs, "it's more hard rock and punk this season". which is quite the change from the previous collection: spilling over with fringe, tie-dye, and the like. though the underlying tone of being free spirited has carried on throughout the seasons.

something both ms priestly and her daughter can appreciate.




Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

making rock look elegant, love it!

Imelda said...

Lovely pieces!

sarah marantz said...

you are very cute.
Where are you from?


I can't sign in as a user, my computer is screwy.

dianasof said...

I love the song in your title!
Tegan and Sara was the only music I listened to at the beginning of this year.

a. said...


Teresa said...

whenever I think of balmain these days I think of Carine and Julia...

Times of Glory said...

These outfits are elegant but also individual and quirky! So great xxxx