July 24, 2008

i heard that cali never rains.

my bags aren't packed. i'm leaving in less than two days and i haven't even begun packing. i suppose i've mentally compiled a few lists of items that will be completely necessary on the west coast, but if i could have it my way, i'd bring everything.
unfortunately, though, my dad rented a prius (an environmental gem, albeit as small as they come) and oversized luggage is unacceptable. and for that reason, i must pick & choose my garments one by one, all the while leaving room in my suitcase for everything i plan on bringing back to canada in the near future.

anyway, since i'm leaving around 5:30am on saturday, i've only got today and tomorrow left for posting. tomorrow will be fully occupied with packing & whatnot (although i will try to squeeze in some time to show you the final product before i leave), which leaves today for every last tidbit of information that i could possibly leave for you to chew on in my absence.
firstly, my two favourites on project runway season five.

also, i suddenly felt the urgent need to comment on balenciaga's fall collection (like it hasn't already been done a million times). what i like the most about nicolas ghesquière is his linear approach to fashion. his creations are true pieces of art - complex and breathtaking - all the while seeming to be molded to the woman's body, in a way that a rare few have seen done before. also, he has the talent of blending together different eras - one can automatically think modern while gawking at his designs, but can also be catapulted into the past, be it '50s or far before that.

oh, & as we cover garment trends & shoe trends & bag trends, why not take a peek at nail polish trends. for me, adorning my nails with vivid hues is just a different way to express myself. actually, i used to never paint my nails - couldn't find the time, lack of interest (which also entailed lack of ability) - but once turned into twice and before i knew it i was vigorously reapplying different shades everytime the old ones wore out. i wouldn't say i'm a nail polish junkie, but i like to think that a set of well-manicured fingertips is now a fundamental.

i love the baby blue on whitney port & rihanna, as well as eva's navy. i hope to purchase a blue-tinted opi nail lacquer sometime (soon) - either russian navy or i'm dating a royal.

lastly, i shall leave with you a little outfit i put together at a whim, something i could definitely see a girl sporting while sipping a starbucks latte on the corner of melrose & highland.

barbara bui shoes from shopjake; motif tights off of a picture on the cobrasnake; lux zipper skirt from urban outfitters, antik batik bag from shopbop; & triblend tank from american apparel.



Anika said...

I'm really loving dark blue nailpolish, preferably a bit metallic, but I have to say the pale blue on Whitney looks amazing as well. Purple is an all time favourite of mine, too.

Anonymous said...

My friend Megan wears tights like that all the time. I don't know where she gets them (I really should ask) but in the two years I've known her, she's had an endless supply

dontposeattheend said...

Thank you!
Your blog was a great finding :)

LML said...

leanne is one of my faves as well!

oooo a tiffany blue and a navy blue nail polish would be tres cool!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Goodbye wesley, your out!
I love white nails and baby blue, it stands out so much!