July 21, 2008

i'm still young & i'm still curious.

it just so happens that the day following my arrival in los angeles is also the nu-rave hipster party of the year - the american apparel sample sale - on july 27th.
"come for the unitards, stay for the secret french musical guest !" states the la times.
i harbour an abyssal love for surprises, which is why i was secretely devastated when bloggers claimed to know exactly who the musician would be: sebastien tellier, with his new album 'sexuality', who is exceedingly appropriate for the gig.
anyways, now that the secret's out, i'm just looking forward to the price cuts on items i've been longing for for an immensely long time.
"expect deep, deep discounts on sexual sportswear of all stripes at the sale, that is, if any of you kids even wear clothes these days. " - august brown.

the big tank; the violet raglan; the pink unitard; the racerback dress; the pocket skirt; & the skort.

not only is this a prodigious fashion event, but it's also linked to the laid-back lifestyle for which the los angeles scene is famous (or infamous). you see, it's not just clothing - it's djs, a slip 'n slide, food & drink, a dunk tank, snow cones, squirt guns, books, arts & crafts, obscure films and, of course, music.
what could top off all of that pure entertainment, you ask ? photography by mark the cobrasnake, of course ! and one can only imagine that he will be travelling with his posse - most notably, cory kennedy - as he dissects the crowd scavenging for the most fashionable (or flat out ridiculous) party-goers.
what are the odds that i would be in los angeles for such festivities ? me, the girl from an odd town in canada, who sifts through the cobra snake like there was no tomorrow, hoping that one day i could glance over to see some famous hipsters with their limbs spangled across the lawn right beside me. dreams are dreams, but this ... this could be real.


Anonymous said...

the brunette model in your aa clipping, olivia austin, goes to school in nyc with my close friend...and pretty much took back the guy she was dating whom corey stole from her.. corey succccccks.

Anonymous said...

i am so freaking jealous. life isn't fair.

Amelia said...

This is really well-written. It sounds cool.

a. said...

yeah cory isnt all shes cracked up to be.

shes a bit of a airhead, to put it lightly.

but how exciting is this?! i hope you get to make it, doll.