June 28, 2008

with fake eyelashes that she flashes.

denim cutoffs: practically the only garment i wear religiously throughout the hazy summer days. although a grungy piece by nature, they've grown undeniably versatile as they can be teamed with anything from filmy tees to structured jackets. ashley olsen and erin wasson are fans of the casual side of the shorts, while the s/s 08 runway at alexander wang demonstrated the more dressed-up version of the staple. fortunately for us common folk, this ideal item is not only achievable with an olsen's budget. due to the roughed up and dirty vibe of the shorts, tailoring and fabric is irrelevant, therefore making the accessibility of the shorts that much easier. though brands like siwy and citizens of humanity do offer amazing options, so does the goodwill. so go ahead rip up your jeans - or your mom's - and enjoy summer as much as you possibly can. it doesn't last long anyways, and who wants to waste the time struggling with clothes ?


Tinsley said...

i love denim shorts - they're a staple in my wardrobe!
and the collage is great. anyone who features erin wasson, alice dellal and ashley olsen in a post has an amazing blog!

LML said...

i do need to make my self a pair of short cut offs, i made a pair of long cut off last summer

Kira Fashion said...

Amazing Olsen!

a kiss

joy said...

yep. pretty much the only thing i've wanted to wear all summer. funny how denim cutoffs & a plain white tee suddenly feels more stylish than the casual summer dresses that everyone and their mom are now wearing.

a. said...

this week, actually, i have planned a trip to the thrift store in seach of some new denim cutoffs & perhaps some that are just a bit longer (right above the knee) that i can roll up.

i think i cut my denim cutoffs too short last summer :/

ps. alice dellal = love

Isabel said...

Cutoffs rule! I have a pair that is tiny and tight, but I kind of want a baggy, grungy pair too!