June 29, 2008

take me to new york, i'd love to see l.a.

the countdown is on.
only twenty five more days until los angeles.
before i depart, i'll need to purchase some swank luggage. i also wouldn't mind a nars eyeshadow duo in charade (muted mauve & smokey plum) or mediteranee (muted gold shimmer & burnt orange shimmer), tinted moisturizer, an eyebrow waxing appointment (which is actually upcoming in early july), tooth-whitening mouthwash, opi nail lacquer in russian navy, a formal-themed party, tortoiseshell aviators, a chandelier & dirty blonde hair.
& before i go ...
" i wear weird things sometimes. i like to drink coffee. neither of those things have anything to do with who i am. " - mary kate olsen.


JuliaFuentez said...

love the quote of mary kate=)

Isabel said...

You're going to LA??? Lucky!

Charlotte said...

I'd love to go to LA too! will you show us some of the pics you take there?

coco said...

I love the Mary-Kate quote. iT is strange how people get so over excited by the fact she goes to Starbucks all the time!