May 12, 2008

the weather is changing and breaking my stride.

finally, here it is, my weekend in montreal ...

we stayed at the alt hotel, right smackdown in the middle of dix30's lifestyle neighborhood, which is basically a closed in neighborhood that i'd never have to leave - food, clothing, shelter, concerts, gyms & spas are all available in the vicinity - if it weren't for school on monday. the hotel is brand new, and although i will admit that my expectation weren't exactly sky high, i was pleasantly surprised.

two queen-sized beds took up the most part of the room, where ikea accessories and neo-classic accents reigned. an art-deco chair was strategically placed in front of the tall windows, with a perfect view of the entirety of the outlet stores.

my purchases:

dark wash denim shorts, bright pink interlock mini, color-block tee, basic tees in sangria, white & orange, triblend-like tank, neo-hippie dress (all from h&m) and floral print bandaid skirt (from winners). the last skirt may look a bit odd but trust me, it looks like the lovechild of herve leger and heatherette or something. unfortunately, i didn't have time to scavenge the accessory departement, because i was craving a new pair of sunnies. i did find some at winners, though, with a faux-chloe look about them, but they were white and i wanted something different.

all in all, i'd say the weekend was a definite success.



billajenny said...

Someone sure knows how to live it up well! Looks really nice, and I love all your purchases. :o)

LEE! said...

that pink flower skirt is really funky. i'm going to montreal this weekend, i doubt my hotel will look that chic. haha

Fleurr De Lux said...

ooohh aaahhh
i got that floral h&m dress, but in a different color.. i wear it ALL THE TIME.
looks like fun!

Imelda said...

The hotel looks lovely! I love the picture on the wall!
You did some nice shopping, love all the buys!

Kool Thing said...

That sounds like a great neighbourhood - everything you need in your own little microcosm! Lovely purchases too - the floral dress is delightful.

LML said...

that is like perfect weekend! just went o H &M today actually!

ALI RAE said...

I love that white and gray tee!

Tavi said...

Wow, that is a prettyyyyy nice hotel. And those are great buys!!! SO much you could do with them. Ah, the wonder that is H&M.

Jenny said...

That hotel room looks really nice.

Love the tri-blend like grey H&M top you bought, I've been thinking of getting that too as the AA tri-blend top seems a bit overpriced for the quality you get.

Nice blog by the way ^o^

a. said...

oh my, what a gorgeous hotel!

im loving these floral dresses for H&M, ill be there this weekend & im hoping to stock up ;]