April 15, 2008

we like the cars that go boom.

christopher bailey, the mastermind behind anything burberry, is genius. and cute to boot.

what is the most embarassing moment of the year ?
this is definitely every season when i have to go onto the runway after the show. i'm very uncomfortable about it. i never consider it being about me, but about the team, although i am the conductor of the team. but the idea of being applauded for something you actually love doing is rather embarassing.

where do you look for inspiration ?
i don't really look, it usually finds me. i'm quite an open person and i think you have to train yourself to see things. mostly we all go through life with our eyes pretty closed. we need to train ourselves to pause, and consider and reflect on things. inspiration comes from everywhere: it can be from meeting a person, the attitude of a person, a word, a colour, a photograph, a film ... and i never start a season with a theme. i'm realistic - no one wakes up in the morning and thinks 'oh, i'm going to dress in out of africa today'! it's nonsense. i believe in real life, and that's far more exciting and dramatic than any fantasy could ever be.

if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?
i'm pretty content, really, and philosophical. we are given things for a reason. would i like to be more handsome? probably. or taller? probably.

interview courtesy of westminster fashion.


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