April 15, 2008

sit right down and make me smile.

wilfred slouchy pocket shirt, white tank, denim cutoffs, aa mustard tights, millions of bracelets (including one my friend brought back for me from italy), & a cassette tape necklace.

today's outfit wasn't one of my favourites.
not exactly dull, per se, but i just didn't fall in love with it.
in fact, the more i look at it, the more i start to despise it.
the one item that garnered the most attention was the cassette tape necklace:
'sick', 'i don't know', 'why the hell are you wearing a tape', 'may i inquire as to why you are wearing an a-trak cassette?', 'i love it', 'holy fuck are you flava flav or something?', 'it's cool!', 'bringing back the nineties are we?' are all remarks about my makeshift necklace that i received during the course of the day.

and i was hesitant about wearing yellow tights ...


that was then & this is now.

music; why do you let me stay here - she & him



Kool Thing said...

Wow, those photographs are really beautiful. The icicles are lovely. Our snowfall was pathetic compared to that!

Victoire said...

I for one, am totally into the cassette necklace!

Isabel said...

Oh my god, TAPE NECKLACE!That's awesome. I want one. Waaaay cooler than anything Flava Flav would wear.