March 13, 2008

your heart is an empty room.

thursday clothing.

red & white striped shirt, grey vest, black h&m denim skirt, mustard aa tights, blue h&m flats.



bronwyn said...

Your photographt is great! I love the blue shoes, and I'll be looking out for a post with dots on your nails:)

bronwyn said...

eerrr...I meant to say photographY

Anonymous said...


ChiliLady said...

cute shoes!!!^^

ChiliLady said...

hey! i thought I comment you back here, because I wasn't sure if you would come back to my blog ;-) I worked very hard, but I stopped modeling for now.
good luck with your career. if you have any questions, just ask me! ;-)
I'm always happy when I can help somebody!

Secretista said...

OMG. Your first photo looked like a butt for a split second! LOL I love the tightsss!

Romany said...

Ooh I love this outfit! The grey vest is my fave.
You could totally be a pro photographer - is that one of your life aspirations at all?
That was very cool how you managed to create your header in paint, very talented. :)
Lol at Carine putting Carolyn M and a drag queen on her November cover! I needed a Paris Vogue around that time, but kept putting it off because that issue was the only one on offer...I'm sure it was good, though. The cover was just not my style. Lol.

Anonymous said...

ooh wow, like the use of primary colors!

I'm linking you too :)

Jill said...

I love the yellow tights against the blue flats.
By the way, I tagged you for a post, details back at my blog.

Tracizzle said...

Love your blog! Thanks for checking Youth League out!



Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

i love your blog..and thanks a million for telling me about the graffiti website...i checked it out and its real cool..thanks!!!

Wendy said...

I like the mustard tights with the shorts. Cute outfit!

LML said...

very cool!!!
love the yellow tights