March 15, 2008

prostitute in marseilles.

so, this is how my recent diy attempts went.

i was going for this -

and i ended up with this -

then i tried for this -

and i got this -

the shorts aren't as bleached, ripped, or long as they should be; and the skirt is the wrong material & not the exact shape.
but whatever.
i don't mind the way they turned out.



cc said...

rip the shorts up a bit more then, cut a chunk out at the bum or something! just kidding. i'll bet they'll look v. v. cool paired with a loose tank. show us pics if you can!

la petite fashionista said...

I LOVE those alexander wang shorts and have been too scared to attempt to diy them. i think im goign to buy a pair of mens jeans from the thrift store & try to work some magic on them haha

billajenny said...

This girl knows a thing or two about sewing those dresses..
be sure to check her amazing blog, she's so inspirational:)

ps. I really like this blog as well:)

love, Billa:)