February 5, 2008

keep waiting on the party days.

(im)patiently awaiting the warmth of the sun to return.

alexander wang's ripped denim shorts, the row paper-thin tshirts, tiffany blue nail lacquer, luella floral dresses, the ankle boots, baby pink nail lacquer, soft slouchy bag, patent shoe boots, oversized men's suit jacket, pretty ivory bag, heart-shaped sunnies, bird & eiffel tower print scarf, sailor's necklace, oversized men's watch, bangles, trilby, nars the multiple in st. barth's, cheap monday high waisted light jeans, american apparel double-u dress in purple & silver, american apparel lightweight triblend raglan in grey & orchid, skater skirt, american apparel cotton interlock bra, american apparel sheer white tank blouse, grey triblend racerback tank, red cardigan, teal tbar sandals.

summer can't come quickly enough.



the iron chic said...

It's actually the cover of Space Oddity. The lightening bolt is from the Aladdin Sane cover....
I like polyvore but all that stuff is unattainable to me right now...lack of funds!

cc said...

how are the diy denim cutoffs coming along? I'm sure an oversized pair of faded levis would do the trick. maybe cut the thigh up a bit--have some of the pocket peek out like Alex did. gah i cant wait for summer either... im dying to show some skin!

deexdeexdreamer said...

yai i feel ya. i cant wait to pull out my faded high waisters :D wait...after i find me non-fugly-charming floral dress, then it can be summer. officially

love zee collages!

DandyWarhol said...

oh oh oh i love everything!
exactly my thoughts are the same:

summer cant come fast enough!