February 6, 2008

we'll share guilt.

Indubitably, the best thing about Summer is the whole before-Summer period, when everyone is on edge, eagerly awaiting to pull out their bikinis & head to the beach. Is it odd that such a sentiment has already arrived? I feel like I've been taken hostage by Mother Nature & she's trapped me in a cold, slushy, very Canadian Winter. Save me, please!

Needless to say, I'm in a Spring mood. One of my inspirations for the coming season is;

Alexa's cute bob, & her plethora of adorable dresses, bags and shoes.

And speaking of hair, right now the only thing lacking in my life are long, flowy locks like this girl's.



Isabel said...

Alaxa Chung is FASH. But I don't get it. Chung is an Asian surname, but she doesn't look Asian at all! Can you explain this to me?

a. said...

i dont know if your question has already been answered isabel, but alexas father is euro-asian. which explains her surname & why she doesnt look that asian.

fabulous inspirations, btw. im getting so excited for spring!